Our story

Harlyn’s Hampers is dedicated to providing you the best quality products and the highest level of service.

The idea behind Harlyn’s Hampers came from the birth of our beautiful daughter Harlyn, but the concept of baby good hampers came from a desire to create a convenient and beautiful gift idea. After attending baby showers, weekend after weekend, she thought to herself how convenient it would be to be able to gift her beautiful friends equally beautiful styled and presented gift hampers! 

The birth of this idea was followed up with the birth of Emily and Jordan’s beautiful baby girl, Harlyn. Before any birth, planning must take place, so Emily’s business was gently pushed to the side in preparation of the real event. It was not until Emily was 38 weeks pregnant and the arrival of Covid stage 3 restrictions were implemented, that Emily was able to seriously reconsider her business venture. Stirred by the fact that some of her friends were now unable to celebrate the showers of their unborn babies, Emily’s idea and enthusiasm was sparked again as to the wonderful venture she could undertake in being able to gift box to woman who were unable to celebrate with their family and friends.

Three months into her daughter being earth side, Emily was invited to another baby shower. However stage 4 was shortly announced and it became impossible to celebrate this joyous occasion with family and friends. Another one of her mummy crew would go without. Emily knew now was the time to proceed with her business and to bring some much-needed love and celebration back into the world. She wanted all the mothers who were already missing out on so much, to get the shower of love that they deserved.

 Hence her very proud announcement of the arrival of Harlyn’s Hampers. She hopes the love she pours into choosing the products for each one is felt by the family they are gifted into.